Rare Antique "Doutar"


I have recently sold this unique instrument to the Music Instrument Museum in Phoenix, Arizona in the USA.

The name of it is still unknown, so for the time being, because it has two strings, we agree to call it a "doutar", which simply means two strings.

The origin of this doutar is difficult to find. I have done a lot of research on this, and the chances are it comes from Nuristan in Afghanistan. Besides the three world top experts I have asked, none had any idea of its name or origin. However, in further research, I have also asked Afghani and Pakistani instrument makers, also Afghani musicians, and the origin does seem to be Nuristan.

The wire decoration, silver plate and turquoise inlay does imply Afghani craftsmanship. Also, the head figurine has some resemblance with Nuristans sculptures from before the mandatory Muslim religion took over the main part of Nuristan, which was only about 120 years ago. This coincides with the probable age of the instrument.

At the moment, I can only say that this instrument is unique. However, I am open to any new ideas or evidence that will add to this story so far. So, if anyone has more information, please email me at info@tosslevy.nl