Tanpura construction 4

When dry the dandi can then be attached to the gullu. The carefully measured and chiselled neck should fit perfectly to the heel piece before being glued and screwed to ensure a tight and solid fit. A good wood glue is preferred. This is then allowed to dry.

The patta is then fitted to the dandi with a shellac glue. This enables the patta to be removable if later changes or repairs have to be made. Both the dandi and the patta are hollowed in such a way as to form a tunnel throughout the entire neck. This acts as a resonance chamber.

cutting the tabli to size

After the tailpiece is attached to the gourd the soundboard or tabli is then ready for fitting. The tabli is fitted to the gullu and the tumba as perfectly as possible to ensure an optimal transference of resonance. As the tabli may have to be removed, it is often glued with hide-glue. Left overnight to dry, the main construction of the tanpura body is now complete.

The following photos show work on a sitar, but the process is the same for a tanpura.

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glueing the tabli to the tumba and gullu