Replacing a string 2

Attaching the string to the tuning-pegs

The peg has a small hole drilled into it for the string to pass through, and generally, one side of the hole is larger than the other. Put the string into the smaller side of the hole and pull it through about 20 cm. Repeat the same process of bending the string as we did at the tail-piece. Pass the string through the bend and pull the bend back into the larger hole. Be careful not to make the bend too long as this may mean that the end of the string will stick out of the peg, possibly causing some bloody encounter with an unexpecting finger. One should take note of the photograph showing the direction each string must follow:

feed the string through the smallest hole and bend back the half centimeter on itself
push the loop back into the hole


Wind the string in the correct direction neatly onto the peg by pulling the string taut whilst turning. Avoid too many turns caused by a string that is too long, as this may interfere with the stability of the tuning or the grip of the peg if the string slips down into the peg-hole in the neck. 5 times around the peg should be sufficient 

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wind the string neatly around the peg.
Be aware that the top two pegs have opposite winding directions