Replacing a string

This article has now been made into a video Replacing a tanpura String

For this job, one needs a good pair of wire cutters, which can be acquired at any hardware shop. After choosing the correct gauge, cut a length 10 to 15 cm longer than the total length of the tanpura. Be sure that the string stays free of bends, twists or irregularities as these may weaken the string and break it when under tension. Damaged strings can also emit a distorted sound.

Attaching the string to the tail-piece

Take one end of the string and making sure it’s in the correct position, put one end through the corresponding hole in the tail-piece. Make sure you feed the string through the lower hole first. Pull it through stopping about 10cm from the end. One cm from that end, bend the string back on itself.  Taking the other end of the string, pull it through the bend.

attaching the string to the tail-piece
pull the loop back down into the hole

Place the bent string back into the hole and after placing the fine‑tuning bead, the string passes over the bridge and neck towards the tuning pegs.  Passing over the 2nd bridge (arra), then through the corresponding hole on the upward placed piece (with holes in), guiding the string towards the pegs.

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feed the string through the guide-hole