Repairing and the importance of good maintenance.

Generally, owners of Indian Instruments are fully aware that good sound quality is of utmost importance, and one of the main sources of inspiration. This is why regular control of the sound quality is necessary for all Indian musical instruments.

One of the most important aspects is the stability of the subtle tuning. Many of us know the moments when during an Indian classical concert the music can come to a standstill so that the tuning of an instrument can be corrected. Tuning is an essential part of Indian music, and without the confidence and trust that an instrument will stay stable in its tuning, the musician will not be free and open to inspiration.

Difficulty in obtaining stable tuning is most probably caused by poor maintenance, and moreover, this will invariably cause disturbing and inharmonious distortions in the sound quality.

All Indian musical Instruments require some basic knowledge of maintenance such as regular tuning and cleaning, replacing strings, solving loose tuning pegs and so on. I will suggest some basic methods on the link, “basic maintenance” Of course, there are certain repairs which only the professional repairer can do, such as the filing of the bridge. This is called jawari, and this is the main solution for solving bad sound quality. For more detailed information on jawari, click the link Jawari.

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