The Golden Lyre of Ur

The famous Golden Lyre of Ur, which was destroyed during the Gulf War in 2003 when the Iraqi Museum was plundered, has recently been rebuilt. Andy Lowings (who provided the photos), gathered a group of experts from around the world to help authentically remake a playable version of the famous instrument. With the help and skill of museums, historians and craftsmen from all over the world, the Lyre was completed in 3 years. All of the materials used are as authentic as possible. The bridge used on this instrument is the flat table bridge. This is a choice made by the experts. For more information on this fascinating project see

Andy Lowings with his replica Lyre from Ur

The above photo is of the replica Lyre of Ur being played by Andy Lowings himself.

Here once again we can see the use of a flat table bridge. We can also hear the instrument being played during a concert, see this video 

Listen to the distinct vibration in the string timbre, which resembles the sound of the  Ethiopian Begena. 

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