Instrument Maintenance Videos

Due to the requests of some of my clients I have made some instruction videos for some basic maintenance on sitar and tanpura. Thanks to film maker Jasper ter Mors for the filming and editing. These videos are also available on YouTube.

The different videos can be seen by clicking the links from the drop-down menu at the top of the page, or by clicking the links below.

Mini documentary "the soul of the sound"

Replacing a string on a sitar

Replacing a taraf or resonation string on a sitar

Tying a fret on a sitar

The correct use of the tanpura Jiva (threads)

Tanpura , How to deal with slipping and tight pegs

Replacing a tanpura String

Sometimes I may need to know exactly what the length is of the vibrating string. Many people don't understand the question, so here is a short video explaining how to make the correct measurement.

How to measure the vibrating string length