sitar 01

Sitar 01

Price:€ 3.250,00
Condition:Excellent, concert ready SOLD

SOLD : This Vintage Hiren Roy sitar was commissioned by Nikhil Bannerjee to Hiren Roy in the late 1960's. An absolute collectors item.

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Sitar 4

Price:€ 800,00
Condition:excellent SOLD

A good quality 15 year old Katar Chand in the Vilayat Khan style,

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Sitar 12

Price:€ 700,00
Condition:good SOLD

This 15 years old Katar Chand sitar is stringed to the Vilayat Khan style. SOLD

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Sitar 5

Price:€ 1.400,00
Condition:very good -SOLD-

Beautiful responsive Rikhi Ram from 2004 - SOLD-

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Sitar 15

Price:€ 2.000,00
Condition:excellent SOLD

A magnificent old Hiren Roy sitar from the late Ustad Imrat Khan. SOLD

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Vintage Hiren Roy 1955

Sitar 16

Price:€ 2.365,00
Condition:very good ...SOLD...

Vintage Hiren Roy from 1955

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Katar and Hari Chand

sitar 17

Price:€ 1.185,00
Condition:Very good SOLD

Sitar with beautiful simple decoration

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Mandal & Sons, Calcutta

sitar 18

Price:€ 710,00

Sitar from Mandal & sons Calcutta

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Price:€ 1.500,00
Condition:New ...SOLD...

New Surbahar

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sitar 20

Price:€ 580,00

Nice sitar with peacock headstock

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Rikhi Ram Sitar

Condition:as new =SOLD=

Rikhi Ram sitar in pancham-gandhara style

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good student sitar

Price:€ 450,00

a good sounding student sitar

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New Surbahar in antique style

Condition:New =SOLD=

New surbahar in antique style =SOLD=

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