ENGLISH: For those among us that do not understand Dutch, I highly recommend visiting the website of Matthew Rosen who has created a fantastic website on tabla. Digitabla.com is full of valuable information and can be used as a reference source. I will be using Matthews's site as an extra source for this section on my website. I will add links to his pages and use quotations from his site throughout this tabla section. To go directly to his site, please follow this link....  Digitabla website

Tabla informatie op deze website

Dit deel van mijn website, dat over tabla gaat, zal voorlopig in het Nederlands zijn. Dit omdat de informatie uit mijn uitgebreide scriptie over tabla komt, die ik voor mijn eindexamen van het Rotterdams Conservatorium geschreven heb. Vanaf 2023 ga ik langzaam delen naar het Engels vertalen

North Indian Music is a very special music form in which the tabla represents the rhythmic aspects. The part of classical music concerned with rhythm is called tala. Despite the fact that India's percussion system has grown to become one of the largest and most comprehensive drum systems in the world,  in general, little is known about it in the West. This thesis is an extensive general course, written for beginner and advanced tabla students alike. Besides being a good reference source,  its aim is to give one an idea of the many aspects of accompaniment and solo playing from different genres and schools. 

Theoretical tabla is very extensive. Many aspects of this thesis about the tabla world are covered, such as History, the rhythmic system, accompaniment aspects, the parts of the tabla solo, the improvisational concepts of Indian music, etc. Links to all chapters can be found at once via the drop-down menu "Tabla" above

My advice is to print out the Glossary and keep it handy to help understand the many different Hindi and Urdu names and words. Sometimes there are also reference numbers after some sentences, look at the Notes to find the source of information.

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