Introducing the Tabla Repair video series

I have decided to stop replacing tabla skins as I've been having some back problems. Therefore I have found it a good idea to share my knowledge with those of you who are willing to do the job themselves. 

I'm proud to announce the release of the long-awaited Tabla Repair series of videos regarding how to put a new skin on, which includes tips about how to choose a new tabla skin,  re-tighten your tabla, fix the buzz from the shyahi, and many other useful tips and advice is now available on this website and my channel on YouTube.  

The videos 1 - 9 of the Tabla Repair series shows, in numerical order, the full process on how to put a new tabla skin on. Videos 10 - 13 are basic tabla maintenance videos. The making of the tabla is not included.
The Tabla Repair Series consists of the following videos:
Tabla Repair 1 - The tools.

Tabla Repair 2 - Removing the old skin

Tabla Repair 3 - Measuring and choosing a new tabla skin.

Tabla Repair 4 - Attaching the under ring and the skin

Tabla Repair 5 - Attaching the tabla skin and the Badhi

Tabla Repair 6 - Removing the slack from the Badhi

Tabla Repair 7 - Adding tension to the badhi

Tabla Repair 8 - Balancing the pitch and adding the gittis

Tabla Repair 9 - Tidying up the badhi

Tabla Repair 10 - opening the sound with a thread (jiva)

Tabla Repair 11 - Re-tightening the badhi

Tabla Repair 12 - Cleaning the skin

Tabla Repair 13 - Fixing the Buzz on the Shyahi