Maintaining the Tanpura

Keeping the tanpura in good condition is relatively simple. Besides regular cleaning, there are a few basic tips to learn. Of course, it's important to know that the room temperature where you store your instrument should not be less than 5 degrees Celsius, and it should have a very low humidity level otherwise the strings will quickly rust. Sometimes I encounter instruments that have been left in a car on a hot sunny day. This is not advisable as the temperature in the car can rise so high as to cause extensive damage to the polish. If either one of these factors should prove to be a problem then it is advisable to keep the instrument wrapped in a blanket and/or stored in its box. When cleaning the instrument use a shellac-based furniture polish only. Use a soft cloth, apply a little polish, wait half a minute and rub until it shines like new. 

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A cracked neck from the inside
A tumba with water damage