Workshops and Lessons

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Tabla lessons

For beginners, up to the Conservatory entrance level.  Learn all the basic strokes, and aspects of tala, tabla solo and accompaniment.

Sitar lessons

For beginners, this is an introduction to the basic playing position and techniques needed to prepare you to study and play Ragas.

Tanpura lessons

Also for beginners. Within one or two lessons one can learn the correct technique for playing the tanpura. Tuning takes longer and depends on the individual student.

Tanpura workshop

Learn the basic playing technique, method of tuning, sitting and playing positions, replacing a string, basic maintenance etc

Sur-sadhana, sound meditation workshop

This is a wonderful way of discovering the profound sound of the tanpura and opening the voice to help train and sharpen the musical ear. Practising sur-sadhana is simple and easy and can also help one to a very profound spiritual experience by opening the senses.

Indian musical Instruments workshop or lecture

The history of the instruments, design and function within the Indian classical musical system. Sitar, tabla and tanpura will be the featured instruments.

Indian Classical Music appreciation class 

Also, I offer an Indian Classical Music appreciation class to help listeners better understand the build-up of performance and the basic ideas behind this fascinating musical form.