Buying and selling of instruments

I often get enquiries about the buying and/or selling of Indian musical instruments. I have decided therefore to introduce a section for those wishing to buy or sell an Indian or Asian/ethnic musical instrument. There is a selection of new and used instruments, some of which have to be maintained or repaired.

If you are thinking of selling an instrument, please send detailed top quality photos and a description of your instrument and your required selling price to me and I will include it in this section. If you sell it through my site I will charge you a commission of 15%, excluding the local tax of 21%. (Together that will be 18,15% from your total asking or selling price). My commission can be included in the price or will be charged to you after the sale is completed. This is your choice. For more information on this, please read the Terms and conditions for selling instruments

If you have an interest to buy or have any questions about one of the instruments on this site, please enquire with the reference number via

Disclaimer: Because of the difficulty to get exact information on the instruments, it is necessary to say that I am not responsible in any way for misinformation in any form whatsoever. Please see the following link for more information.  > Copyright and Disclaimer

Select your type of instrument at the links below. On each page, click on the blue link or the pictures of the instrument for more information.


Tabla is not available at this moment





Other drums and percussion   

Other ethnic instruments

Accessories: cases, tabla machines and digital tanpuras   is not available at this moment