Terms and conditions for selling instruments via this website

I am not able to buy the instrument directly from you as I have no space to keep it. So basically, I help you sell your instrument via my website, social media, etc. There is no time limit to selling the instrument. I cannot guarantee a fast sale. 

Disclaimer: Because of the difficulty to get exact information on the instruments, it is necessary to say that I am not responsible in any way for misinformation in any form whatsoever. Therefore I have made these terms and conditions. Please see the following link for more information. > Copyright and Disclaimer

To sell an instrument via my site I will need you, the current owner, to read below the advice, guidelines, the process of advertising on my site and to agree to the following terms and conditions:  

  • Top quality photos from all sides and directions, including close-ups of the interesting parts, such as the pegs, bridges, frets, carving, labels, and other ornamentation. Also, if there is any damage or embellishment to the instrument, I will need detailed photos of these as well.  Take care that the photos have a simple background, good lighting, and are well-focused.
  • A clear and honest statement about the condition and sound of the instrument. I hold high ethic's on this matter and insist on an honest and transparent approach to my clients. Furthermore, I will also not accept any instrument or responsibility if I receive false information and/or non-transparency. I am also at liberty to remove or change any information without notice that I find unacceptable for my clients.
  • I request the following information; if available, the history, builder's name and year the instrument was made, and any other information about the instrument. A good and interesting description will sell the instrument more quickly. To help sell the instrument, please add an explanation of its sound quality, style, etc. Also, please inform me if the instrument includes a traveling case and/or other accessories.
  • Please send the photos and information in a folder, one for each instrument. This can be done for example. via WeTransfer.
  • Please send me your full address and contact details for my administration.
  • My Commission. With all the information, we can discuss the best price. It is advisable to add my commission to the selling price. After a successful sale, I will send you an invoice for my commission fee. My fee is 15% of the selling price, excluding 21% VAT (NL/EU only). If I need to do any maintenance or make repairs to the instrument, the costs are separate and not included in the commission fee. 
  • If I find a potential buyer, I will send you their contact details. You can then contact them and arrange a viewing, It is up to you to come to an agreement with the buyer. You can contact me if you have questions or need help. I will keep in contact with both of you, the owner and the buyer. I expect to be updated about any developments in the selling process. 
  • Beware! Do not let anyone take away the instrument before being fully paid. I am in no way responsible for non-payment as this is an arrangement and agreement between you the owner, and the buyer.
  • If you need to do the shipping, Normally, I will always recommend pick-up at your location. But, If you need to send the instrument to another city or country, be aware that my commission fee does not include this service. However, if you need help in arranging this, I can help/advise for my usual fee of 40 EUR. excluding VAT. per hour. All sending, packing, insurance and transport costs will be extra expenses for the buyer.  Beware! Do not send the instruments before being fully paid. I am in no way responsible for non-payment as this is an arrangement and agreement between you the owner and the buyer.

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