Tanpura introduction

It was back in the ’90s when I came up with the idea of writing a book on the tanpura. I started gathering information and writing documents on all different aspects involving the instrument. The book was never really finished and therefore not published. Instead, I decided it would be a great service to my customers and anyone who is interested, to be able to read some of the basic information on the internet and to use it for future reference. In this section of the website you can read, among other things, about the following subjects concerning the tanpura:

General information about the tanpura including:

  • The function of the tanpura 
  • A brief history of the tanpura 
  • How to maintain a tanpura ( this article applies to most Indian stringed instruments) 
  • Tanpura construction, including information on the tanpura makers of Miraj 
  • Types of present-day tanpuras

A tanpura manual, including:

  • Playing and sitting positions 
  • The process of tuning the tanpura 
  • Restringing a tanpura, with various tables of the types of strings and their thicknesses. Also a step for step guide for replacing a string.
  • The main characteristic of the tanpura is the flat table bridge, known as the Jawari. The section on Jawari will also be of great value to read. 

As I mentioned earlier, some of the information is old and may need updating. I, therefore, invite you to send me your comments and suggestions.